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Adams Farm is a neighborhood that promotes the safety, recreation and well-being of its residents. You'll have a quick trip to the best the city has to offer if you live in downtown Greensboro. Try local favorite Blue Denim for Cajun cuisine or eat original tacos at Crafted. When the family comes to town, take it to the International Center for Civil Rights Museum %26.Looking to buy a home in downtown Greensboro? There are plenty of refurbished apartments and newly built condos waiting for you.

If you want the accessibility of downtown living without the headache (or just with a patio), consider Fisher Park. This neighborhood is a stone's throw from downtown Greensboro, but is centered on a 12-acre park that shares its name. Locals love Deep Roots Market, a Fisher Park co-op that offers fresh, organic produce and other grocery store produce. You'll be able to walk home if you enjoy too many beers or house seltzers at Joymongers Brewing Co.

Westerwood is a creative hub in Greensboro, North Carolina. Like Fisher Park, Westerwood's proximity to downtown makes it a great neighborhood. It's also close to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Greensboro College, two of the city's five universities. Westerwood residents enjoy easy access to 80-acre Lake Daniel Park and its 2-mile Greenway.

Once you've worked up an appetite, walk to Bandito Bodega for an Asian fusion like burritos and banh mi. If you're ready to buy a home in Westerwood, Greensboro, you can choose from artisan-style bungalows, colonial two-story homes and romantic Tudor cottages. Most of these historic homes feature charming details, such as hardwood floors and built-in bookshelves. Living in Lindley Park is like living in a fairy tale.

Enjoy tree-lined streets, stone arched bridges, farmers' markets and two sprawling parks. Lindley Park locals love to gather on their spacious front porches or at community events like Easter egg hunts and oyster roasts. For many, walking to a great brunch destination is at the top of their list, and Scrambled offers southern-style breakfast essentials. Another gem of the neighborhood, Hops Burger Bar, has one of the best burgers in the country, according to Business Insider.

Since the neighborhood dates back to 1917, you can choose from historic homes if you decide to buy a house in Lindley Park. The artisan-style bungalows line the streets of the neighborhood and offer ample outdoor space to gather with friends. Like its neighbor Fisher Park, Dunleath (formerly known as Aycock) was designed around a park, Sterberger Park. But its community-centered culture could be reminiscent of Lindley Park.

In summer, different locals organize lawn libations in their front gardens, and the whole neighborhood is invited. Just north of Fisher Park, this neighborhood was built around the Greensboro Country Club. This makes it one of the first communities with a golf course included in its plans. It even has a vibrant nightlife downtown, restaurants to suit all tastes, and plenty of museums for those interested in learning more about Greensboro's unique history.

But of course, before you pack up and leave for Greensboro right away, you'll need to consider which neighborhood might be right for you (and your family, if you have one). When it comes to good neighborhoods in Greensboro, North Carolina, you should never go through the city center. This area offers perhaps some of the liveliest and most vibrant communities in Greensboro. If you're a young professional and you want to move to a place that isn't necessarily the big city, but still gives off big-city vibes, then downtown Greensboro is for you.

Today, you'll discover that downtown Greensboro is full of unique restaurants, parks, and boutiques, but it wasn't always the case. For a couple of hundred years, Greensboro was nothing more than a small town in North Carolina. Not many people bothered to visit the city until a rail system connected it to other larger locations across the United States. But it was only 20 years ago that real progress began to affect Greensboro, especially the city center.

Today, you'll find the downtown area on every list of the best neighborhoods in Greensboro, North Carolina, including this. If you like shopping, you will always find something interesting and unique to buy in the center thanks to the numerous boutiques and specialty stores. As for dinner or lunch, you'll never have to discuss food with your friends or family. Whether you are an avid carnivore or a strict vegetarian, there are all kinds of restaurants to suit your preferences in the city center.

While there aren't many traditional homes downtown, there are still plenty of renovated apartments and condos you can choose from. And from these apartments, you can always enjoy great views of the city. Fisher Park is still very close to the city center. For that reason, it may be the ideal place if you want to be close to the hustle and bustle of downtown Greensboro without actually being in the city center.

You can enjoy the peace and quiet that Fisher Park offers and if you decide you want to go to a club or restaurant downtown, you can get there in the blink of an eye. The best thing about Fisher Park is that it has its own restaurants and shops, so you won't have to rely entirely on going downtown if you don't feel like it. In fact, it's home to the much-loved Deep Roots Market. This market is full of organic and other healthy products, so it's easy to make health-conscious choices if you're concerned about your diet.

But the benefits of living in Fisher Park don't end there. Coincidentally, there is a Fisher Park inside Fisher Park. This park has 12 acres and can be a great place to hang out and get some fresh air. And, if you have children, they can play safely in this area.

If you want to move to one of the good neighborhoods of Greensboro, North Carolina, and live among young people or if you're a college student, Westerwood might be the best place to live in all of Greensboro. As with Fisher Park, Westerwood is just a stone's throw from the city centre. While you can drive from Westerwood to the city center, why not take a walk? Like Fisher Park, Westerwood has its own park known as Lake Daniel Park. However, instead of 12 acres, Lake Daniel Park is a whopping 80 acres in size.

Because this park is so big, you can spend all day walking along the trails, sitting on benches and sunbathing, or hanging out with friends and family. Of all the neighborhoods in Greensboro, North Carolina, Linley Park is the perfect place to move if you have children or if you plan to have a family in the future. It's a little further from the city center than the previous neighborhoods, but if you prefer peace and quiet and plenty of space, then it might be ideal for you. However, if you need to go downtown for any reason, you'll most likely have to drive or take public transport.

However, don't take Linley Park's distance from downtown too seriously, as this neighborhood is full of its own shops and restaurants that the city center can't compete with. For example, this neighborhood regularly has farmers' markets where you can buy all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, handcrafted products and homemade objects. These farmers' markets can be a great opportunity not only to get some fresh air, but also to socialize with other people and find unique things for sale that you might not find anywhere else. Beyond farmers' markets, there are plenty of parks scattered all over Linley Park.

These parks give this neighborhood its unique, suburban look. You will find that most of the streets are lined with trees and that the neighborhood, in general, feels very peaceful with nature. After all, you won't be able to hear anything about the commotion of the city centre in Summerfield. But make no mistake; Summerfield isn't rural and certainly doesn't lack things to do to keep busy.

You'll notice that what sets Summerfield apart from any of the other neighborhoods discussed above is that it's full of woods and hills. Summerfield can boast a lot of nature because it's full of parks, including Summerfield Community Park. However, as a result, you may not find as many restaurants and shops as the other neighborhoods. On the other hand, the parks in this area are unparalleled.

Properties in this neighborhood tend to be large with lots of land to work with. On the other hand, you can also find some smaller ranch-style houses. Because homes in Summerfield are so diverse, you'll have no problem finding the right type of home for your family and budget. While most of Summerfield is focused on nature, there are also some niche stores you should check out.

Godino's Bakery %26 Coffee House, for example, is one of them you can't miss. Old Irving Park is another perfect neighborhood to grow your family, as this neighborhood is also growing by itself. Old Irving Park is very close to Fisher Park (north of it, in fact), although it is a little less developed. However, don't let that scare you.

Because Old Irving Park is still being built, there is plenty of space and lots of homes available to buy. For that reason, if you want to move to Greensboro before it gets too crowded, this neighborhood might be your best bet to plant your roots before you miss the opportunity. Most of the houses in this neighborhood are single-family homes. These homes come in every style you can think of, from Colonial to Tudor and beyond.

For that reason, if you love old houses, you'll have no problem finding them in Old Irving Park. In addition, those old houses are often remodeled so that you don't have to worry about them falling apart over your head. More than that, they are often very spacious and can be perfect if you plan to have children or already have them. The best thing about Old Irving Park is that it surrounds the Greensboro Country Club.

So, if you ever get bored and don't know what to do, why don't you go out and play golf? Finding the best neighborhoods in Greensboro, North Carolina will depend on your preferences, but Greensboro has something for everyone, regardless of lifestyle. From the hustle and bustle of downtown to the quieter parks of Summerfield, there are plenty of options to settle down once you sell your house and decide to move. Map shows where residents in and around Greensboro metropolitan area think are the best places to live. Also shown are areas such as Greensboro, NC and Jamestown, NC.

The upper areas are in purple and green, while the less desired areas are in red. We analyzed more than 27 places around Greensboro to identify the most in-demand places to live. Oak Ridge is always mentioned as one of the best suburbs in the Greensboro area. We tell you what's great about Awesome Oak Ridge.

It ranks second in income in the area and only 4.22% of residents lack insurance, good for the second best. Most residents have excellent jobs and the unemployment rate stands at 4.37%, which is the 14th best in the area. And it's only 12.4 miles from downtown, which is nice. A solid 9.23% of people lack insurance, good for 17th place in the area.

In addition, we limited the analysis to places that have more than 2000 people. This left us with a total of 31 suburbs to evaluate in and around Greensboro. We ranked each place with scores from 1 to 31 in each category, where 1 was the best. And finally, we crowned the city with the best quality of life index, the best suburb near Greensboro.

We're watching you, Oak Ridge. You can download the data here. Close to downtown and two of Greensboro's five universities, Westerwood offers a multitude of charming homes, tree-lined streets, and nearby parks to enjoy, including access to the Lake Daniel Park Greenway. Most homes were built during the 1920s and range in style, from Craftsman bungalows to Tudor cabins and colonial-inspired designs.

Downtown Greensboro has undergone many changes over the past 20 years that have resulted in tremendous growth and interest in exploring what the neighborhood has to offer. And what it has to offer are plenty of restaurants, shops, parks, theaters, museums, outdoor festivals and more. Basically, the heart of Greensboro is jumping. Residential options include new, revitalized apartments and condos that keep residents in the thick of everything that's happening.

Find and rent an affordable storage unit in more than 10,000 locations across the U.S. UU. Homes are well-preserved 19th century designs, from Queen Anne cottages to Greek and Italianate Renaissance styles, as well as charming cottages, all within walking distance of UNC Greensboro and downtown Greensboro. .


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