What counties make up greensboro nc?

Preliminary data from the 2000 census indicate that Greensboro's main, or central, metropolitan area will be the three-county area composed of Guilford, Davidson, and Randolph Counties. The metropolitan area is connected by Interstates 40, 85, 73 and 74 and is served by Piedmont Triad International Airport. Long known as one of the major manufacturing and transportation hubs in the southeastern United States, the Triad is also an important educational, health and cultural region and ranks prominently in the history of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.

The Piedmont Regional Transport Authority (PART) is the 10-county regional organization of the Triad with the goal of improving all forms of transport through regional cooperation. PART Express Bus provides express service to each major Triad city from Piedmont Triad International Airport, while Connections Express connects the Triad to Duke and UNC medical centers. PART also has express bus service to the outlying counties surrounding the Triad, including Surry, Stokes, Davidson, Yadkin and Randolph counties, soon to be Davie County. PART is also managing and developing several studies of rail services that include both commuter and intercity trains.

The following are prominent newspapers from the Triad region of Piedmont and the counties covered by each newspaper. Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article. Greensboro has two major public research universities, North Carolina A%26T State University, a historically black university established in the late 19th century, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In the early 1840s, the state government designated Greensboro as one of the stops for a new railway line, at the request of Governor John Motley Morehead, whose home, Blandwood, was in Greensboro.

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